Cleveland State University
IST 203 - Tools for Personal Productivity
Prof. Victor Matos


IST 203. Spring 2008. Syllabus


Lesson-14. Powerpoint Presentations - Spanish Paella- Download



Lesson-13. Database Concepts Part 3 QBE Queries - Download


Hw11. Use the MS-Access database to print mailing labels for the Employee table. Each label contains: employee ID, First and Last name, address, city, state, zip-code. Sort the labels by zip-cpde. The data for this lab is in “DATABASECOMPANY”

Lesson-12. Database Concepts Part 2 - Download

Hw10. Prepare an MS-Access REPORT listing in one page an image of the Employee table. The report is organized by Dept. No. Inside each department group the employees are listed in ascending sequence of ID numbers. Each detail line contains ID, EmpName, Address, Photo. Modify the Photo field (Clip, Top-Left).The data for this lab is in “DATABASECOMPANY” see Lesson-11 (below)
EXAM. Wed 16th. Includes: MS-Word & MS-Excel

Lesson-11. Database Concepts Part 1 - Download

Interesting article (Recession Proof Jobs for 2008)

Lesson-10B. Working Together (Excel-Word)

Lesson-10: Excel Lab3. Click here for data set (3/3).
Lesson-9: Excel Lab2. Click here for data set (2/3).

Homework-6. Due Mon. March 24. "Downtown Internet Cafe - First Quarter Forecasting" - Lab 1: Preparing an exploratory spreadsheet. To complete follow the instructions provided as marginal notes on section EX1.

Lesson-8: Excel Lab1. Click here for data set (1/3).

Homework-5. Due Wed. March 19. "Tour Project: Tanzania and Peru" - Lab 3: Preparing a research document. To complete follow the instructions provided as marginal notes from page WD3.1-WD96.
Click here to download the files needed for the assignment.
<<< grace period extended to: 3/24/08

Lesson-7: MS Word-2007. Part 3/3.

Exam2-Part 1 : Click here to download zipped EXAM-DATA
Exam 2 - Wed. 27-Feb. Word2007 (Topics: WD01 & WD02)
Homework-4. Due Wed. March 5. "Promoting New Fitness Classes" - Lab 2: Revising and Refining a Document. Page WD2.81.
Data. Download this data set for lab experience (25-Feb-2008)

Lesson-6: MS Word-2007. Part 2/3

Homework-3. Due Wed. Feb 27. "Tips for Taking Classroom Notes" - Lab 1: Creating and Editing a Document. Page WD1.86.
Data. Download this data set for lab experience (20-Feb-2008)

Lesson-6: MS Word-2007. Part 1/3

Lesson-5: Ethical Concerns Involving the Internet

Homework-2. Due Monday Feb 11. "Creating a Grand Opening Flyer" - Lab 3 - Using Applications. Follow the instructions for the problem as indicated on page WN3.50. Print your final document.

Note: This homework is not required for students who attended and completed the Lab experience developed in class on Wed. Feb 6th.

Exam1: Click here to download Download file
Exam1 on Monday Feb 4th. Topics: CE: Computer Essentials, Win1: Windows Overview, Win2: Organizing Your Work.
Homework-1. Due Monday Feb 4
Windows-XP: Student Data Download zip file
Lesson-4: Windows XP. Part 3
Lesson-3: Windows XP. Part 2
Lesson-2: Windows XP. Part 1
Lesson-1: Introduction to Computer Essentials.