IST 500. Homework 2 (Due date: Thursday Feb-17)
Fall-200 V. Matos

Implement a Visual Basic solution for the "Game of Twos". A screen-shot is shown bellow.

The goal on this run was to produce the number 65. The right boxes show the total number of keystrokes and the actual sequence followed to arrive to that value. Can you beat that number?. How about producing 127, 253, 2001?

What to turn in?

  1. Print the program code, and
  2. Screen-shot of your program once you get to the value 65. (To print the image of the current screen you should (a) press the ALT-Print Screen Keys, (b) Open a session of MS-Word, (c) Paste the image from the Clipboard to Word (Edit | Paste), (c) File | Print.
  3. A diskette with the code in a folder named: A:/IST-500/Homework2
  4. Put all of these items in a 9 x 12 (Manila envelop). Write your name and Course Number ID on the upper-left corner of the envelop.


  1. The RESET button sets the first value to 1, totalOfClicks to 0, and sequenceOfButtons to "".
  2. The MULTIPLY BY 2 button multiplies by 2 the value in the RESULT box (The other buttons have similar functionallity).