Groups on the Web

There are a few sources of general information about particular finite mathematical groups on the web.
Finite Group
Eric Weisstein has one nice entry about finite groups with tables, links, and references. Lots of other good information at this site.
Groups of small order
John Pedersen wrote descriptions and information about groups up to order 30 as part of his Catalogue of Algebraic Systems.
The groups of order 64
This site at the University of Linz has a big (162KB) list of data about the groups of order 64 generated by GAP.
Mod-2 cohomology of 2-groups
This site at the University of Georgia lists the Mod-2 cohomology of 2-groups up to groups of order 64 computed by Jon F. Carlson using Magma. There is some documentation about the results also.
Small Groups
Gordon Royle in Australia has a list of the number of groups of order up to 1000 based on the catalog in GAP.
Finite Simple Groups
David Madore lists the name and order of sporadic finite simple groups and non-abelian simple groups of order less than a million.

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