Michael Somos

Welcome to my new home page. I am Michael Somos and I am interested in information, especially about mathematics, and computing. I am a prolific contributor to the OEIS. I am a member of StackExchange. A partial index of my webspace is available.

I have developed polynomial sequence versions of classical elliptic functions in my WXYZ project. My recent mathematical work is in the Elliptic Realm such as my essay A Multisection of q-series and takes much inspiration from Srinivasa Ramanujan. My Dedekind Eta Function Product Identities website has over 6200 identities. My Special Algebraic Identities list has over 650 identities. I am studying Mock modular forms.

I came up with Somos Polynomials and have done some work with rational triangles and number walls.

Finally, I am not related to a Michael Somos in Greece, somos.com , somos.org , DSM Somos , or SOMOS Service Order Messaging Open Specification.

Last Updated Jul 02 2019
Michael Somos <michael.somos@gmail.com>
Michael Somos "http://grail.eecs.csuohio.edu/~somos/"